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How To Post Sale Thread
Here the Simplest Principles to Possess Sale thread in SEODev

Your product/service should comply with SEODev rules, such as but not confined to, no forums, no training, no prohibited services.
Examine the Conditions before Selecting a ribbon.

Your thread must consist of transparent pricing, contact information, and refund policies.
Your merchandise and service have to be of quality and priced fairly. 
SEODev staff is going to be the sole arbiters of the.
Anyone who's commanding or perceived to be controlling a market thread/working on a JV with you should have the mandatory Platinum standing to achieve that.
There's a yearly fee to keep your market thread, you'll be informed via pm if that is expected.

When the aforementioned uses please complete the next set of measures:

Choose the Marketplace segment that describes your ceremony and generates your own thread. Pictures will be stored on a third party host, just is supported. We've done this so as to hasten the discussion, enhance page loads and prevent unapproved adjustments to threads.
Just platinum members will have access to compose sale ribbon.

As soon as you've created your ribbon, it is going to become a moderation queue.
Make certain your ribbon is the last edit. As soon as you've submitted your ribbon, adjustments can be produced by PM'ing Admin. The price for this is $30.
You'll be contacted by employees when they're prepared to assess your earnings thread.

A Moderator will then examine your ceremony, you have to offer the best level service or package described in your thread.
If you're not able to offer this your thread will not be accepted.
Wait patiently to listen from the team regarding your earnings thread, use the ribbon to react to the mod inside the inspection procedure, If your thread is accepted you'll be pm would and requested to pay a $30* list fee.
Platinum fee per year is 99$.
To start the procedure please contact admin of write on email

NOTE the dwell thread is going to be rid of all previous messages in the inspection procedure and put live on the market forum you generated. *This is going to probably be renewed annually - you'll be pm had seven days ahead of this renewal is expected.

Do not attempt and jump the queue to get Marketplace approvals.
PM names like 'REPLY ASAP!!!! don't do it.
Likewise, sending a number of messages or spamming skype is only going to provide a negative impression of your character. Do not do it!

Additional questions about the best way best to submit a ribbon or market queries see our SEODev service department.

Thread bumping - Do not do it.

What You Cannot do and just how to get about it:

Boost your Revenue thread more often than once every 72 hours, this involves placing an advertisement or voucher-style text under your answer to some query or responding to an order verification.

In summary, you can't promote whatsoever your Revenue Thread over once every 72 hours.

You should not reply to individual order confirmations, attempt to set the answers together in 1 place or at the conclusion of every day.

Exactly the same as two for answering queries, attempt to set as many as possible in 1 response. If you're regarded as reacting to individual questions a whole lot in 1 day that will be viewed as Bumping. You may prevent it by sending a PM to the client who asked the question and at the close of the day openly responds to each of the queries in 1 response.

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